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Member Directory

Welcome to the Bessemer Chamber of Commerce's Member Directory. Select a business category from the left to find members in that category.   Click the company's name in the search results to go to their website.


Alpen Inn
E6376 Alpen Rd
Bessemer, MI 49911
Telephone: 906-364-7078

Bessemer Dairy Queen
201 E. Lead St.
Bessemer, MI 49911
Telephone: (906) 663-6061

Get-A-Way Café
Contact: Kerry Hill
509 W Lead Street
Bessemer, MI 49911
Telephone: (906) 364-3210
Email: getaway.cafe@yahoo.com

Tacconeli's TO GO
100 S. Massie St.
Bessemer, Mi 49911
Telephone: 906-663-9900
Email: vtacconelli@hotmail.com

Tacconelli's Down Towne
215 South Suffolk Street
Ironwood, MI 49938
Telephone: (906) 932-2101
Email: (906) 932-2101